I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the clubs who have invited me to judge in the past and for future appointments.

This has given me the chance to visit so many country's and make so many friends all over the world.

Lab Owners Canada 1990
Mid Jersey LRC USA 1992
LRCW UK 1999
Winnebago USA 2000
Mid Jersey USA 2000
Kecskemeten Hungary 2001
Lab Club Deutchland Germany 2001
Asociacion Club Canino Colombia 2002
Des Osterreichischen Ret Club Austria 2002
Esposizione Internazionale Italy 2002
Weihnachts Stellung Ret Club Switzerland 2003
LTC Piedmont USA 2003
Del Valle Dog Club of Livermore USA 2004
Deutscher Ret Club Germany 2005
3 Redings LRC UK 2005
Italiano Ret Club Italy 2005
Mostra Speciare Int Di Reggio Emilia Italy 2006
LRC Piedmont USA 2006
Exposition Canine Internationale France 2006
Paignton UK 2007
Dansk Ret Klub Holland 2008
LRC Boston USA 2009
LRCC Queens Inc Australia 2009
LRC Harjavalta Finland 2009
LCD Stuttgart Germany 2009
LRC Spain Spain 2009
Labrador Retriever Club of Croatia 2010
Retriever Club of CZ Czech Republic 2010
The French Retriever Club France 2010
St Petersburgh KC ELITA Russia 2011
Welsh Kennel Club UK 2011
Yellow Lab Club UK 2012
South Wales Kennel (Golden Retriever Bitches) UK 2012
Labrador Club Du Quebec Quebec, Canada 2012
The Portuguese Retriever Club Portugal 2012
Labradors Argentina 2012
The Retriever Club of Italy (Labradors) Italy 2012
Dutch LRC Holland September 2013
Sao Paulo Brazil February 2014
RLRC (Labs & Golden Ret) Russia May 2014
NORSK KC (Labs & Golden Ret) Norway 13th September 2014
The Retriever National India November 2014
The Labrador Retriever Club of Wales Bitches UK 2015
Estonia Retriever Society (Labradors) Estonia 21st August 2015
EAST ANGLIAN LRC (DOGS) UK 05th March 2016
SPECIALITIES Sunbury Canine Club (Labradors & Golden Retrievers) New Zealand November 2016
International Dog Show Reggio Emilia Italy 18th/19th March 2017
Retriever Club of France France 22nd April 2017
CWLRC (Lab Bitches) UK 05th July 2017
The Retriever Club of NW Switzerland (Labradors) Switzerland 17th December 2017
Piedmont LRC North Carolina USA February 2018
National Exposition Italy 09th September 2018
Euro Dog Show Belgium November 2018
Bath Championship Show (Labradors) UK 25th May 2019
Swedish LRC Gothenburgh June 2019
Labrador Retriever Club of Slovakia Slovakia 09th September 2019
Nordic Show Kiristians Norway 14th March 2020
Labrador Club of Deutschland (Labradors) Germany 8th Aug 2020
Austrian Retriever Club 3 days, Flat Coated, Nova Scotia Duck Tollers, Goldens, Labradors. Austria 25th September 2020
South Western Golden Ret Club (Bitches) UK 21st March 1921
Labrador Dogs CRUFTS 2022
Pakistan kennel Club Labradors 18th February 2023
Austria Retriever Club Labradors Golden Retrievers, Flatcoats, Nova Scotia Duck Tollers 27/28th May 2023
The National Gundog Association (Golden Retriever Dogs) UK 06th August 2023
LCD Germany Labradors 05thNovember 2023