Linjor They Call Me Bond
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents Great Great Great Grandparents
CH Catcombe Corblimey (JW) CH Catcombe Corblimey (JW) Rosaceae Ideal Forecast At Pirbarn SH CH Amirene Pacifique SH CH Stanroph Soldier Boy
Amirene Integrity
Rosaceae Precious Jade CH Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm
Rosaceae Brocade
Catcombe Cheerio CH Chinnordale Dudley Wyvan Merrigo Likely
Millwater Letitia Of Chinnordale
Catcombe Chasing Dreams Catcombe Cheshire At Millgreen
Catcombe Charlie Girl
Catcombe Cosset Millgreen Ceasar Of Catcombe Catcombe Cheshire At Millgreen Catcombe Czar
Catcombe Crumpet
CH Millgreen Moonstruck CH Paudell Easter Plantagenet At Kerrien
Catcombe Cher At Millgreen
Catcombe Cosy SH CH Tokeida Outlaw's Treasure CH Meant To Be At Moorquest
Synspur Briar Of Tokeida
Catcombe Chinzano At Fromeside Oriule Dragoon Of Fromeside
Catcombe Choice
Linjor Bellisimo Bridgefarm Home Alone Bridgefarm Sultan (JW) Rosaceae Indian Prince Of Bridgefarm (JW) SH CH Amirene Pacifique
Rosaceae Precious Jade
Stanroph Santaana Of Bridgefarm Rainscourt Son of a Gun
SH CH Stanroph Spring Fantasy
Shannonstyle Pollyanna Of Bridgefarm (JW) Dovedown Royal Sovereign Of Bridgefarm SH CH Rusway Sonnie Jim At Bridgefarm
Dovedown Play Misty For Me
Shannonstyle Lady Selena Muskan Most Likely
Shannonstyle Foxy Lady
Linjor Teddy Girl Chalksville Chosen One At Trebettyn Trebettyn Musket Muskan Most Likely
Trebettyn Portrait
Goldcrest Good Times At Chalksville Denmarella Just A Jester
Goldcrest Good Companion
Linjor Miss Mia Brookwood Dancing Diplomat Brookwood Seafarer
Brookwood Gentle Breeze
Denmarella Saffron For Linjor Gillbryan Twelth Night
Denmarella Kanasta