Linjor Sansa
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents Great Great Great Grandparents
Linjor Chopin (JW) (ShCM) SH CH ARG CH Tinlands Dumbledore Huaike to Linjor (IMP FCA) Petrarca Seaman Huaike Lenches Seaman SH CH Tapeatom Dadding Around at Sandylands
Lenches Sugar 'N' Spice
Allenie's Airs & Graces Marfell Student Prince of Allenie
Allenies Graceful
India Ecocan Amo Del Volcan Huaike Heatherbourne Harvester of Linjor
Gran Lady Huaike
Miss Sayen Huaike Lenches Travis
Allenie's Airs & Graces
Linjor Rhiannan (JW) (ShCM) Kimvalley Star Gazer at Farnfield (JW) Jayncourt Star Turn at Sandylands SH CH Sandylands Wait & See
Jayncourt Star Kissies
Langshott Black Velvet at Kimvalley SH CH Rockabee Blue Peter of Sandylands
Langshott Zara
Heatherbourne Shakira From Linjor SH CH Sandylands Wait & See SH CH Rocheby Whisky Mac
Rocheby Purple Shades at Sandylands
IT CH Loch Mor Sokeri at Heatherbourne (IMP ITA) FCI INT FIN IT CH Follies Storm Petrel
IT CH Heatherbourne Pure Satin
Linjor Cassamya SH CH Brockburrow Cassanova in Linjor (JW) (ShCM) SH CH Linjor Valentino (JW) (ShCM) Rocheby Old Smokey Rocheby Navy Blue
SH CH Rocheby Polkadot
Linjor Miss Scarlet Sandylands Game Shot at Linjor (JW)
Linjor Miss Muffet of Rooklane
Eneleon Amethyst Crickcreek Cruising Along Rocheby Navy Blue
Cricklecreek Chiff Chaff
Trendlewood Ruby Tuesday Lebas to The Moon & Back (JW)
Trendlewood Double Silk
CAN CH Chablais Lyric of Linjor (IMP CAN) Swentina Chablais Sirius AM CH Rozzat Hunt Club Clayview Grady A CMH Dickendall Davaron Gable
Rozzay's Lila Lovelorn
Swentin's Golden Aphrodite CAN CH Chablais Ouzo
CAN CH Chablais Kamikaze Swentina
CAN CH Chablais Oceane AM CH Lubberline Martingale Hunt Club Clayview Funny Bear
Hennings Mill Lubberline Jib
CAN CH Chablais Olivia Rainell's The Beat Goes On
CAN AM CH Chablais Mia