Linjor Winter Frost
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents Great Great Great Grandparents
Exquisto's Icono Dancing Dreamweaver V D Weeard Hunt Club Clayview Supernova At Bel AM CH Blackwing Superfine Blackwing Santee
Blackwing Super Freak
Hunt Club Clayview Itish Cream Unknown Registered Sire
Unknown Registered Dam
Undercover Secret Lady V D Weeward Devonshires Stash (ATCAJ01199USA) AM CH Visions Cain's Mutiny
Devonshires Time For Tia
Wit's End Windfall Sarava AM CH Windfall's Pipe Major
AM CH Windfall Lubberline Regatta
Exquisto's Hola Cielito AM CH Hyspire Adrenaline Rush AM CH Boradors By George Levches Gallivant
AM CH Deer Runs Sweet Carmel Cream
Hyspire Cavanaugh Unknown Registered Sire
Unknown Registered Dam
DEN CH Exquisito's Carmencita FCI INT DAN amp;SWED CH LAB Treasure's Dario CH INT Nord Fin CH Carpenny Walpole
INT DAN Á NOR CH )'Sofinas Quite As Nice
Exquisito's Buena Suerte Paisana Faronas Gentle Gambler
Juni's Fanta
Linjor With Attitude (JW) CH Mattand Exodus (JW) AM CH Devonshires London Edition (IMP USA) AM CH Devonshires Limited Edition Timberland Woodsman At Lor-Al
AM CH Devonshire Abbey Lane
AM CH Devonshires Darjeeling AM CH Lobuff Bobwhite At Chucklebrook
Devonshires Jasmin
Amberstead Dark And Stormy Over Mattand SH CH Silver Suede Over Rocheby INT GERM CH AHTI Aspin Of Finnwoods
Bridgeford Crystal Clear
Dakross Lady In Satin At Amberstead SH CH Wilsbury Wild Fire At Halshimoor (JW)
SH CH Dakross Billie Holiday
Trendlewood Play Me Linjor (JW) SH CH Brockburrow Cassanova In Linjor (SHCM) SH CH Valentino (JW) (ShCH) Rocheby Old Smokey
Linjor Miss Scarlet
Eneleon Amethyst Cricklecreek Cruising Along
Trendlewoog Ruby Tuesday
Trendlewood Wild Honey Trendlewood Rocket Man (JW) Lembas To The Moon and Back (JW)
Tremblewood Beautiful Day
Trewinnard Take Me Home To Trendlewood Tremblewood Take That
Rocheby Pastel Shades At Trewinnard